Sahuaro State Kennel Club
Membership Application
This application to be completed by the Adult (18 years of age or older) applying for membership.

Name __________________________________________ Date _________________________

Address _________________________________________ Phone _______________________

City ______________________________ State ____________  Zip ______________________

Occupation ___________________________________ E-Mail __________________________


Are you, or have you ever been a member of other dog clubs _______ Please list on back.

What breed(s) of dogs are you interested in?__________________________________

Are you interested in :  Conformation ____ Obedience/Rally ____ Field Events _______

I have _______ dogs.    I breed ______ litters in a three year period.

Are your dogs eligible for AKC registration? ____ Do you sell puppies to pet stores? ____

Average number of AKC dog shows entered per year: ___________

Breeds you exhibit: _____________________________________________________


Why do you want to become a member of Sahuaro State Kennel Club? (can use back)




We want you to be part of our activities. Please indicate where you are willing to participate.

Match Committee ______ Show Committee ________ Board Member _________

Other (please list) ___________________________________________________


From the SSKC Bylaws:

      "The object and purpose of this club is to promote interest throughout the State of Arizona in the proper breeding, feeding, care, training, and showing of purebred dogs of all breeds recognized by the American Kennel Club."

Would you, if accepted as a member, do your best to develop the quoted objectives and purposes? ____

Your SSKC member sponsors:  (1) _____________________ (2) _______________________

Your signature, when affixed to this membership application will affirm your agreement with the SSKC Constitution and Bylaws and you agree to be bound by this Code of Ethics.

Signed ________________________________ Date ________________


Date Meetings Attended ____________     _____________      _____________

Dues Paid   $ _______     Family--$20        Individual--$15

Application Read at Board Meeting __________________

Application Read at General Meeting    1st ____________       2nd ___________