Awards Application

Sahuaro State Kennel Club - Membership Awards


Achievement awards are offered by Sahuaro State Kennel Club to those members in good standing who have either bred or who own or co-own a dog which has completed a title during the calendar year ____.  MEMBERS MUST MAKE APPLICATION; AWARDS WILL NOT BE SOLICITED. Presentation will be at the Annual Meeting of the club in March. Separate applications must be submitted for each dog, but one form may be used for two titles for the same dog.    APPLICATIONS ARE DUE ON OR BEFORE February 20. Breed_____________________________________________________________________  Name of Dog__________________________________________________________________  Title______________________________________________  Date completed________  Title______________________________________________  Date Completed________  

For each title for which you are applying, you must supply documentation. For AKC titles, attach a copy of the AKC Gazette page where listed, or attach a copy of the AKC title certificate. For CGC, attach a copy of the certificate. For non-AKC titles, attach proof of title, and make sure the name of the dog, with title, is legible. Awards will not be given unless proof of title is provided.  

NAME(S) OF APPLICANT(S) FOR AWARD(S):  _________________________________________________________________________________________ Applicant relationship to dog:          Breeder/Owner_______   Owner_______  Breeder_______  

Number of plaques and bars won previously: Plaques__________ Bars__________              (Five bars are hun  g from each plaque.  If no count is provided, we give bars only.)    Phone____________________  Signature of applicant________________________________  

Return applications to: Joan Czarnyszka, 4626 N. 30th Drive, Phoenix, AZ 85017, by February 20. If you have questions, call Joan at (602) 249-2775.   

 REQUIRED INFORMATION: Criteria for eligibility.  Check which one makes you eligible.  ·         

Attendance at two or more meetings, excluding banquet meetings.__________  ·     

Active participation on club committee.  Specify committee_______________________  ·         

Member of club Board of  Directors ______________________   

 AKC Awards, including CGC, are free if you have met one of the above criteria, or $8.00 apiece if you have not.  All non-AKC titles are $8.00 each.